We started IANNECI because we were on the never-ending search for jewelry that felt like a natural extension of our own style, European edgy sophistication.

In our college studies of fashion design & merchandising, we traveled to Europe and we were heavily influenced by design houses like Vivienne Westwood, Marni, & Zandra Rhodes. In our travels and influence in the industry, we learned that pushing the envelope open was standard and accepted. It was ok to be different, unique and to beat to the rhythum of your own drum. We emerged ourselves in the culture of London, Paris & Italy (where we originate from) and got rad new haircuts in London, ate traditional foods, visited fashion schools, iconic retailers & museums, and local designer markets to gain inspiration for our collection.  

We grew up in a household where we were exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age. Our father owned his own custom home company & our mother was very creative in various crafts she taught us. These qualities were instilled in us as we explored creative hobbies such as jewelry making, crafts, & sewing. Our summers were spent at the Jersey Shore, where we wouldn’t think to leave the house without our necessities like our bead & string boxes for vacation.

Our mission is to help empower women through our jewelry brand. Powerful and magical things happen when women unite and support each other.

“Life is about change and being courageous, taking risks, pushing yourself to do good and to be better and to live a life that is truly fulfilling. We want other people to live life abunantly and it is our desire to create a movement that will change not only the creators, designers, and artists but their surroundings through our craft.”

-Ianneci Sisters

Ianneci is designed and hand-crafted in Chicago, Illinois.


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